BoB Members meet every fortnight on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 7:00 am at the Crown, New Park Street, Devizes.

At each meeting every member get the opportunity of making 60 second presentation outlining their business and the sort of referrals they are seeking. 
On rotation each member has the chance to make a 10 minute more in depth presentation about their business.

These are subject to change so please check and read your email communications.

 Date      Speaker  Company  Education
 02nd Jan      Noel Woolrych
 16th Jan  Keith Bennett
 Bennett Architectural Designs  Colin Harrison
 06th Feb  Diane Robinson   Inner Space  Gwyn Russell
 20th Feb  Colin Scull  B20Ltd  Mark Puffett
 06th Mar    Visitor Day  Keith Bills
 20th Mar  Lee Acton  LA Builders  Noel Woolrych
 03rd April  Neil Lyons  Wiltshire Electrics  Colin Harrison
 17th April  Denise Ward  One Off Services (Hire side)  Keith Bills 
 01st May  Paul Dyer  Driving Miss Daisy  David Foster
 15th May  Guy/Leise  Maps Worldwide  Denise Ward
 05th June  Gwyn Russell  West Country Cash Registers   Noel Woolrych
 19th June      Colin Harrison
 03rd July  Colin Harrison  Colin Harrison Design  Keith Bills
 17th July  Noel Woolrych  Woolrych Computer Services Ltd   David Foster
 07th August   Mark Puffett
 MLL Print & Design  Noel Woolrych
 21st August  Chris Elkins  Soverign Communications  Denise Ward
 04th Sept  Richard Bromley   Ryden Environmental Systems  Keith Bills
 18th Sept      Colin Harrison
 02nd Oct  Beryl Pendley  Fayreman Associates  Noel Woolrych
 16th Oct      David Foster
 06th Nov  Bill Hicks  CC Cleaning  Noel Woolrych
 21st Nov  David Foster  Honeystone Webdesign  Denise Ward
 05th Dec  Ian Ward  One Off Services  Keith Bills
 18th Dec  Keith Bills  Chivers Stove Centre  Colin Harrison